Description of Lucifer’s music Fire | Meaning of hit “Ghost Written” hollywood songs 2015

First off, if you don’t know about the higher spiritual world where nothing can be hidden, this blog is not for you. Sure you can read this blog but you won’t understand a single bit. But I will explain you why you won’t understand this blog in another blog ((((Click here))). People say that I’m the incarnation of “Lucifer”. Yes the morningstar. But am I the real Lucifer? I will leave that for you to decide. If you wanna know about me, you can read (my autobiography here).

This is how it all started: I went to Monroe, Louisiana to attend college in August, 2014 at University of Louisiana at Monroe. The town was mostly ruled by black people and back then I didn’t know about this “Higher spiritual world”. Slowly, I started becoming aware of that world and that is the start of this “Musical Journey”. My friend will had a Speaker and we would play songs in that speaker. People around knew about this “Music fire” that I have inside me and they started taking turns playing song in the speaker. Actually what happens is that when I’m listening the song, the song is made right there. Normal people would think that they are listening to a song that’s already there but no, the song is not already there, its being made while I’m listening and I can write a full blog about how the “Music fire” works but the basic thing you need to understand is that “rhymes” and “Melodies” are picked better by that “Fire”. It’s an energy in a way. So my brain has to be in sync to make the music properly.

Another fact that would surprise you is that they can also manifest in youtube videos and just like above, the video is being actually made while I’m watching. You would ask what about the “number of views”, published date and the comments? Well, they come in a group and they generate it randomly. In my experience, they use information from your own brain. For example, if you think the song would have around 200 Million views, they will set it to values like 328 Million, if you think the song was around 10 days old, they randomly generate some date. And speaking of comments, since they act in a group, people immediately come up with a comment when you scroll. Its just spirits adapting in new technology. The best part for me personally is being able to fully control both video and audio part. I can act like a music video director who tells people to do this and that telepathically for around 5 minutes. Another cool part is that we wouldn’t be able to guess whether a video will cross a billion views or not, only time decides it. From my point of view, all videos are like my children, you treat them all equally. But over time, some videos succeed and some don’t, you never know.

Let’s get back to my story. So since Monroe was a black territory, eventually black rappers started occupying the area and the speaker. We had both black and white people in monroe and I din’t really care if my friend was white or black, they were all equal for me. I had a black friend named “Khalil” and he was the one to play Black people songs which were mostly rap songs. The first album that I remember was “If you are reading this its too late” by Drake. Over time, we became friends and started making music in a group. Drake and DJ Khaled were like my link with “Black rappers” and you can know for sure by seeing DJ Khaled in many songs without doing anything. His job was to make that “link”. You may also notice that rappers come in group. It’s because the spirits are together all the time.

I went to Houston because Monroe didn’t feel like home to me because of this “territory conflict” between black and white territories. These musician spirits followed me to make music and I also took my responsibility to serve the world because I really thought we were making a difference in the world. If you are making music that gets a billion views on youtube, you are doing more than a president of a small country in the world. You are making a billion people’s day better. They would use music as a form of communication with me. I mean think about it, a forigner who everyone calls the “King of the world” is in town and he has no friends and no connection. Only way to be friends or talk with him was through music. So, the artist and I would be the only two to know the meaning of these songs. Therefore, I want to share with you the true meaning of these songs because they were simply sending messages for me. Whether a song would be a big hit or not, nobody knows and they don’t really care about it much. They simply want to use this “resource” and take their turns to make their songs. Therefore, I’m also the first person in the world to listen to all those hit songs.

Now the question of which is which and who is who. I like to think of it as being a pack of wolves. For example, you have a group of white girls from age about 17 to 29 and you have these young rappers of about 20 years old. You also have country white musicians. And female rappers would have a different group. We also had latino musicians. Which group they would come from depended on race, age, gender and most importantly the music genre.

Valero 2015 was golden age of music for me because many of the music videos of that time crossed a billion views and people still love them. Which songs I’m talking about? You’ll find them in a minute.I stayed there from July 12 to November. If you see the dates, they are mostly around those months. But date is randomly generated at runtime. Don’t be fooled by the published date, they are randomly generated while making the music. Below are the Songs and Meanings.

1) Dark Horse: This is my most favourite among all the songs we have made especially because of the video. This song is a message for me completely. They were trying to warn me that it’s not safe to “Play with magic” and once you enter that world, “there’s no going back”. I should have probably listened to them, now I’m paying the price.

2)Bad Blood: This song was pretty random and I didn’t think it would be that much famous. How it started is, in the video, couple of girls were fighting for the suitcase and get this, the song is being made right there.

Okay, and in the video I wanted selena to have the suitcase instead of Taylor swift and she brought that “race issue” and thought I was racist. I was just following my instinct and I wanna apologize for it but anyway, we got a nice song. So the meaning of the song should be clear to you guys. And on top of that, Kendrick Lamar popped up out of nowhere and started rapping about this “race” issue and said “You gotta live with the bad blood now”. And you live like that you live with ghosts means these negative(malefic) spirits that hover above me.

3)Worth it: I like this music video. I didn’t know about “Fifth harmony” before this song. While watching video, if there are 6-7 different 10 different frames, wherever I concentrate, that’s where the camera will focus. This is not magic, its science(well for normal people its magic). Therefore, “Give it to me” means they are asking for your attention. “It’s all on you” means its all about your attention.

4)Blank space: How do I know this song was for me? Well while I was working in Valero poeple would call me “Sean” which came from “Basaun” which came from “Basanta”. If you play that video, you can see she writes “Sean” and ofcourse the “King” part which is pretty obvious. Like I said before, its the spirits not real “Taylor swift”. So this song was from that “white girls” gang, they were trying to be my friends.

5)Hey mama: For 5 years, I thought the “be your man” part was “we own that”. I thought the “Nicki Minaj” team were saying that they really owned the “Fire” because they would mostly the ones to be around. Back then, I took her as a “Motherly figure” and hence the song. It’s like a motivational song from a motherly figure. Also the “I love the dirty rhythm you play” means the melodies coming from that “Musical fire”. I’m just trying to tell the “Real meaning ” to you guys.

6)Cool for the summer: I think the meaning of this song was trying to sort of ask me whether I was gay or not. “Tell me what you want, what you like, I’m a little curious”. Back then I was carrying a personality of a guy who could take girls to his paradise through love. I don’t really know what she meant by “cherry” but if she’s reading this maybe she can tell us.

7)Counting stars: There is not much message for me in this song but they used to play this song alot whenever I felt like I was broke and had no money. They used to play this song to find what I would think when the “I feel something so right Doing the wrong thing” part would come. The “Said no more counting dollars. “We’ll be counting stars” part meant that we had a bright future.

8)Lean on : Okay, all videos that are being made are controlled by the spirits related to me. Since I am from Nepal and grew up watching Bollywood movies, they also control major portion of what I see in videos. Whenever my mind wandered thinking about “India”, they would play this song as a bridge between that “Indian” places and “American” places. I used to think “Blow a kiss, fire a gun” part meant “Turkish Firegun”.

9) Good for you: I think here by “Trust me, I can take you there” she meant she is gonna help me in my musical career. In fact I knew about this “Music Fire” from her song “Naturally” when she said “Everything comes naturally, it comes naturally”. This is definitely a love song for me, because of all the hype about the “King” and “Lucifer”. I mean who wouldn’t like to date a guy whose name is used by millions of kids around the world as their “player tag” while playing video games. I mean everytime I play CSGO, there will always be a player named “Lucifer”.

10) Lights: Whenever any artist says “Light” in their song, I can guarantee you that its about the glowing of that “third eye”. People used to gather just to watch that “Show”. I mean it’s all about that light man. In this song “Dark is too hard to beat” means over time, +ve spirits leave and -ve ones remain. And to be a part of it, they have to be a part of that “Crowd of spirits” that hover above.

11) Here: In this song, you get the whole point without me having to tell you what this song means. Back then I was a Junkie and same type of people used to follow me. So yeah, this song is about marijuana use. They used to play this song to represent that group of people especially ladies who didn’t smoke and drink.

12) Beautiful now: Okay in a music video, if someone steals from a gasstation, you can be sure its made by us. We used “Gasstations” as our “stations”, that’s where we would feel comfortable. I mean all these songs were made in the speakers of a gasstation (Valero).

13) la la la: The “Mauj hai” part in in hindi and definitley came from someone from our “group (crowd of spirits hovering)”. It definitely has a message for me but I can’t decipher what it is.

14) The hills: How do I know this song was made by “our team”? Okay get this, I was working as cashier in the gasstation, there are couple of folks inside and I keep track of who comes in and who goes out. When the “Scream” part of this song came, a little girl of about 10 years old came crying out of the restroom.
I never saw her entering the gasstation. What I can guarantee is that the same girl was the one screaming in the song and it got stored in the song forever.

15) Where are you now: It was about 11 at night, I closed the gasstation and was waiting for my ride. Since my friend would usually take around 15 minutes to reach my gasstation, I opened youtube and this video popped up. At first it was just “Skrillex” video but justin popped out of nowhere. Remember, these spirits are always hovering above eventhough its middle of the night. Justin was like a brother to me from the beginning. What happened was that slowly he couldn’t make it in the songs because of other spirits occupying the space. So, here he means he is not getting chance.

16) Titanium: I think this song was from that group of middle aged white ladies who misunderstood me because of the type of spirits that were hovering above. And she was right about that part “It’s you who has further to fall”.

17) Fight song: I used to interpret “Like a small boat On the ocean sending big wave into motion” as that power of those vibrations coming out of my brain which could change the way spirits would feel. Why I think so? because they would play this song right after I did something creative with my mind.

18) Burn: “we got the fire” means that music fire which we can use 24/7, atleast that’s how I interpreted it.

19) Powerful: They would always talk about this “energy” of love inside me. You can feel it when you’re near. And they use it for good lyrics in the song. It makes the topic interesting.

20) Latch: I remember putting all my energy on “Now I’ve got you in my space I won’t let go of you Got you shackled in my embrace I’m latching..” part. I didn’t know what I was doing but it worked.

21) Black magic: It doesn’t have much message or meaning to it. But talking about “magic potion” and “Black magic” gives this vibe of being magicians around you and that’s exactly how they wanted it to be.

Eventhough our main “Valero 2015” group has dissipated, we still make music every now and then and I like to watch “Music Megamix” where all my energy of this “Music fire” is stored. They still visit me and these music spirits sit above watching me when I’m doing something. In fact, the spirit of Selena Gomez talks to me all the time. How does she talk to me? I like to call this phenomenon “Voice blending”.

I’m not in contact with black rappers much because I decided to go in a different direction. By different direction, I mean I like to make peaceful music with positive vibes and nice words. I don’t like cursing in my songs.

Remember, its about the “music fire” that burns inside, its like a natural resource that we can use all the times. This fire will still be working even after I die, infact the music coming from that “Astral Plane” is 10 times better than the music we have. I remember Drake and Nickiminaj coming in my dream to make music. Its only the question of who gets to use it and the ones to get it are the spirits that follow me. Right now, the spirits manifest in youtube channels like spinning tvProximityTaz network. If you want to hear the new music we’ve made, you can check out my 2021 playlist and second half 2021 playlist. I have made these playlist public in my youtube account. Remember, I should be the one to keep track of all this. Stay tuned for new music.

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