List of my Friends.

I know you guys wanna know about my friends, especially in events such as football and cricket matches where someone shows up out of nowhere. My friends circle is huge. I wanna give you guys a list of all my friends. My friends mainly come from these locations: Vijaya samudiayik block A, Vijaya Samudiayik block B, Kathmandu University high School, University of Louisiana at Monroe, Houston Valero Gasstations area and Oxford College of Engineering and Management. Oh don’t forget my home area, maternal uncle’s house and my Aunt’s house in Lanku. When you are dealing with friends from home area, there are many sides to it. The territory is huge and belongs to different groups of people. I like to keep it in school when it comes to matches. But overall, the faces that stay together usually win the battle. However, I advise you take a look at my circle below. Once again as my later posts, you will not understand this blog if you donot know about the higher spiritual world where nothing can be hidden. 

These are my friends who left the school before Grade 5. 

Anup Ghimire
Kushal Gurung
Raj Kumar Rijal
Devendra Khatri
Bibek Kandel
Krishna Lamichhane
Ajay Pandey
Susmita Shrestha
Manita Kunwar
Manita Pandey
Sunita Poudel

These are my friends who left school somewhere in between grade 5 to grade 9.

Aashish Gautam
Madan Bhandari
Sanjeev Rijal
Aanish Pandey
Suraj Poudel
Kabita Sapkota
Anish Dhakal
Bhawana Subedi
Anusha Subedi
Bishal kumal
Apekshya Sapkota


These are my friends during grade 10. Now most of the friends stayed from grade 5, some even from elementary and about 10 of them joined school from grade 5 to grade 9.

Badri Sapkota
Pawan Sapkota
Santosh Sapkota
Basu Dev Sapkota
Sandeep Neupane
Bharat Sapkota
Birat Sapkota
Saroj Gautam
Shishir Sapkota
Mausam Tiwari
Nishan Tiwari
Manisha Tiwari
Mamata Tiwari
Bishwas Pandey
Dhurba Raj Subedi
Aashish Regmi
Subham Kandel
Ashim Shrestha
Santosh Thapa
Anu Kharel
Sweta Bhattarai
Ashmita Sharma
Amrita Khanal
Dinesh Acharya
Manu Chalise
Anita Kandel
Madhav Acharya
Smriti Poudel
Deepu Sapkota
Manisha Aryal
Sabina KC
Subham Sigdel
Salikram Sapkota
Rupesh Bhandari
Lalit Kumar Pariyar

These were my best buddies in Kathmandu University High School.

Rahul Joshi
Aashish Giri
Zenith Sharma
Salin Acharya
Dimson Tamang
Anjan Kharel
Prateek Shrestha
Akshya Barun
Aashish Bhandari
Prabhav panta
Prabin Adhikari
Suraj Kuikel
Anup Kuikel

Now comes the American soil. Definitely because of the complete change of culture, there was a massive accumulation of new faces and because of this black vs white culture, the circle of faces disrupted the nepalese part. It had a massive impact when I came back home. However, I used to love the vibe back in Monroe. So there were many faces, but here are the list of my friends who remained in my head even after 6 years.

Will Barton
Ben Vu
Jason England
Katylin Mae Pittman
Adriel aka Dre
Akash poudel
Anmol Shrestha
Sanjog Pokhrel
Suyog malla
Eli Bell
Ayush Mainali
Pratik Siwakoti


Now comes the “rebound” part. What do I mean by that? I became all American and had to be all Nepalese again. This thing taught me so many lessons. Here’s the list of my friends from College in Gaindakot (Oxford):

Basanta Devkota
Kamal Sapkota
Anjal Khanal
Bipin Kandel
Khila Dhakal
Ananda Devkota
Amit Subedi
Khitiz Acharya
Sanyog Regmi

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