How to avoid nightmares?

Ending Nightmares, going to heaven and avoiding hell are all similar things.
Hello I am the morning star and I’m here to show you light and explain you about heaven and hell using psychological phenomenons. I am trying to show heaven and hell , good vibes and bad vibes, positive energy and negative energy from a psychological point of view. A person in heaven can sure take you to heaven but he cannot show you how to avoid hell, only a person who has been to hell can do that.

First thing I want to tell you guys is that I have been through hell and I know exactly how this system works. I am writing this so that you guys don’t have to suffer like I did. Things are pretty simple but can be hard
to grasp for our lower minds which are used to the physical world only. To learn more about that “World”, (((click here)))

Yes there is life after death, yes there is heaven and yes there is hell and yes there is reincarnation as well. But because of advancement in technology and formation of complex social structure, we have completely forgotten the principles of higher worlds and why we are here. Think of whole earth life as a magic pill. A magic pill which if taken, makes you completely forget who you are and makes you do things which you wouldn’t do in normal true consciousness. This could be used as a tool to find out how a person really is. And that’s how our soul evolves. It advances only after finding out those flaws. So I will tell you what to do and what not to do, now that you know that you had taken that magic pill the moment you were born. These tips will also be very useful to those who are suffering from nightmares.

1) Worship sun god: You might be wondering what the hell is he talking about?. In the physical world, the sun rises every day and you don’t really care about it. But what about in other worlds ?, when do you think the sun rises? Who determines that if the dream is “night time dream” or daylight dream? Most of the scary dreams happen in the dark and in order to get out of it, you need light. If your sun god is not properly activated meaning if the sun doesn’t think you like or revere it, it will be hard to get out of the darkness. So be reverent to the Sun. Think of it as your “love for your grandma”. You love your grandma because she gives you food and money. In the same way, why can you not love the sun?

2) No tresspassing: Think about comparing how you would feel in your own school vs a “completely new” school. Its the same in dreams. Do not bump into other people’s territory, especially if they live in groups just like in a school. It happens in dreams too. You should avoid it completely.

3)Map the territory: I would like to make you aware of a world which exits in the middle between physical world and dream world. Just like your physical body has to be in a certain physical place at a time, your mental body also has to be in a certain location at a time. Not knowing where you are right now is the main source of problems. Surely if you drink alot and end up in your neighbor’s house 2 AM in the morning, it is not a pleasant scenario. The same applies to your mind but its tricky and you need to be more careful. You need to understand your “world”. When you feel you are far away from your home, just close your eyes and think about that place, that point in space that you call “home” and think in which direction from your current place it is. (It will always be North, south, east and west) If you are experiencing it in your dream, just walk towards that direction no matter what. Try to map everywhere you go with that “Mapping technique” I just told you.

4)Be yourself: What do you think determines which friend is gonna show up in your dream tonight? It is not random. It is just like a software code, there will be equations. One rule is the “law of attraction”. If you are exhibiting characters that are different from your true nature, your best friends will not appear in your dream. If you are a nerd, be a nerd, if you are a liverpool fan, be a liverpool fan, if you love partying, be around other people who love partying.

5)Try to not migrate away from home: Migrating away from home is like inviting unknown people to mess with you in your dream. It also messes up with your locations in your dream or “Your world”. Conflicts inside your dreams are far more scary than conflicts in physical world. Imagine you move away from your home, slowly your good neighbours will stop showing up in your dream.

6)Talk to people you see daily: Not talking to people you have to see daily is like walking past a lion or bear or whatever you are afraid with and not expecting it to bite you. It will bite you !!! Trust nobody. Only way out is by talking to them.

7) Donot be greedy, don’t wander here and there: It just adds unwanted things in your life and dreams. Wandering here and there just gives your demons opportunities to mess with you.

8)Be bold and Overcome your darkest fears: Demons have a special sensor that detects fear just like a linesman detects offside. Fear attracts demons and the intensity of fear determines how many of them will come for you. So don’t be afraid no matter what. Also demons use your darkest fears to feed off of it. Your darkest fears are the obvious clues for your dreams.

9) Don’t ditch your best friends: Your friends are your protector against your demons. If you don’t treat them the way they should be treated, they will stop protecting you. Friends are not just protectors but also companions and they will mostly write your dreams or more like “engineer your dream”.

10) Be friends with new people you see: Seeing new people is like god adjusting your world for you. If you don’t be friends with them, that change god wanted you to go through will not happen and your new world will have some issues. If you see too many new people, try to know where they are from and why they are there. Knowing who they are doesn’t let intruders to make it into your “safe place”. There is a psychology involved behind it but I wont get into it right now.

11) Focus on “Us and them” : Focus on so many differences out there: black and white, americans and non americans, catholics and protestants, android users and ios users, Republicans and democrats, Liberals and conservatives, people who smoke weed and people who don’t, people who drive trucks and people who drive cars etc. All of it gets stored somewhere inside your head. You have to be sure about what you are and what your ideologies are. All of your demons come from that “them” side and you need to be careful when dealing with “them”.

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