Higher spiritual world which surrounds us all.

Most of us think there are two forms of consciousness, 1) Physical wakeful state and 2) Dream state. But what if I told you there is a third one in between them in which people can read minds and where people keep all the secrets about the world around us. What kinds of secrets? Angels, demons, aliens, reincarnation, life after death etc. Let’s just call it “third world” for the sake of this blog however you can also call it “Etheric world”. First thing: Every person has spirits or beings hovering above them in this “third world”. Wherever you go, they will follow you. Their one and only rule is “Territory”. Yes, territory like with wolves. So basically, these spirits aren’t following you, they just pass control to each other based on this “Territory”. Think of these spirits as those “toys” from “Toy story” movie, they look like they’re just toys but they are living entities, they have a circle of friends and spread information around and they usually laugh at silly things we think. They know what food you like, which girl you have crush on and all your desires. These spirits can easily manifest through beings around you. The fun part is that you also have that “spirit” governing over your body and the good thing is that those spirits are attracted by your karma which means most of the times they will be your friends. It is very essential to have them around to shield yourself from “other” spirits which aren’t your friends but may have access to that space because of “territory” reasons. So it’s very essential to not goto other people’s territory. I will explain how to do that later.

Yes, it is just like in the above video and they mostly look like cats or dogs. Most of the time they just blend in the scene you are looking at. For example, the tree right in front of you or you bag. Imagine they start to talk to while you are watching it. Now close your eyes and try to figure out who they really are. If you can recognize them, they are the spirits hovering over you right now. You won’t see them clearly in real life, only in hallucinations (with LSD, mushrooms and DMT). And in hallucination also they need to show up otherwise you won’t see them. Positive vibes attract positive spirits and negative vibes attract negative spirits, there is no rocket science involved in it but because of this “material world” we tend to forget this basic thing. Infact it took me about 4 years to get this simple fact. Main barrier for me was that I was thinking it was being controlled by “one” person; you know like that “boss” type figure we need to conquer in video games. It wasn’t controlled by one person, they were just passing control based on that “Territory”. For entire year in 2015, I was caught up in it. So this article is what I would teach to my past self (2015), a compilation of everything I wish someone had told me before.

There are many applications of this “third world” and maybe you will understand it if I tell you those applications. My favourite in the list is “Televisions and your spirits”. When you are watching TV, people you see inside it can be thought of as “beings that can read your mind”. They can “feel” everything you are thinking right now and you need to think them as your own family members otherwise there are risks. So, essentially they can spy on you if they want. Ofcourse they have to focus on what they are doing but still they can completely “feel” you nomatter what. So we need to be careful. That is the reason you need to surround yourself with like minded people.

1) Inheritance and territory: I have already told you just like our physical body has to be in a physical location, our mind also needs to be in a “Mental place” at a time. This is what I call “third world” or mental place or your “world” or “territory”. And every territory has it’s boundary and “Spirits” which will have control. Suppose you are going to your school right now, you see a homeless man asking for money. That will take your mind to a place inside your mind when you last saw a homeless man. But why is this important? Because that will change the spirits hovering over you and you need to be protected. But this place inside your mind shifts based on many things. To pinpoint your exact location, you need to understand your “world”. What do I mean by “your world” ? Every nook and corner of the worlds that you have gathered throughout your life which shows up in your “dreams”. And you might think that all places are different because they exist in different physical locations but that is not the case. Mostly, these places (dots) are connected in a meticulous fashion. I call this phenomenon “Inheritance”, there are three types of inheritance: Places inheritance, Events inheritance and People inheritance.

I)Places inheritance: Most inheritances of the places occur because our mind or our “intelligence” doesn’t want to expand or include new places in it. It’s kind of like a rabbit which doesn’t want to get out of its rabbithole. So, instead it plays tricks on your “physical consciousness” by connecting the dots and making you think that you have been there before. “You have been there before” is the rabbit hole your mind generates. This is what I call by “places inheritance”. Now let’s take an example. Suppose you are in Miami Airport right now. Your “intelligence” will fool you by making you think that you have been there before when infact you may have been to airport in entirely different city before. So the first airport in which you have been is stored as the “parent airport” and all other airports are inherited from it. Same applies to all other places such as Walmart, Gasstations etc. The examples above were based on “inside of buildings”. There are other types of “places inheritance” as well such as:

A) Building exterior inheritance: Similar types of houses or buildings also tend to connect dots inside our mind. For example, similar type of “walmarts” , “Mcdonalds”. Seeing similar architecture of houses will instantly take you to the previous house that is already stored in your brain nomatter how far that new house is. And it doesn’t even have to be entirely similar, even minute things such as pillars, doors, balcony, windows, Colors, number of floors will cause your brain to inherit those old places inside your mind. That’s why it is inexpedient to watch outside from your car window. Donot let inheritance occur. It will, for 80 percent of times, create huddles for you in this spiritual world.

B) Road intersections, Bridges, Signs, Directions: Same as above, if doors, pillars and windows can cause inheritance, then why can’t road signs, bridges intersections etc. cause inheritance? And speaking of roads, there is a hidden inheritance that is not quiet obvious. Let me explain it, if you travel alot in a road that goes from east to west, if you come across a new road that goes from east to west as well, it will cause “Road inheritance” . So that new road will have properties of that old road inside your mind. And “Road inheritance” is very important because the buildings, trees and overall vibe of that new road will be inherited from that old road. So your mind will think that you are in that old road. And think about it, if your mind thinks you are in that old road, in your dream, there will not be new road but only the fragments of that old road nomatter how far it is. You can be in Atlanta right now and your mind will still think that you are in the city where the old road was in. So the old saying of my guru that “Mind is the fastest vehicle in the world” holds true.

C) Directional inheritance: This one is super important when it comes to dreams because all the dots(points that represent places) are like coordinates and they get connected by placing your true “home” in the center. So if you are trying to go “home” in a dream, you have to get there through those dots which were completely based on directions. In physical world, when you are trying to go home from your school, you need to travel through different places (dots). In the same way, in your dream also those dots are scattered around in the “map of your world”. And in the center lies your home. So in order to reach from one dot to your home, you need to draw a line and need to pass through different dots that lie in that line. Now divide the map of your world into 12 sections of 30 degrees angles.

Now get this, each section of that map will have “Directional inheritance” and if you are stuck in a place away from your home in a dream, you will come across these dots(places) that belong to that section. The difference between this phenomenon in dream and in physical world is that in physical world, you have to pass through all these dots but in dream world, you will have to pass through some selected dots based on the frequency. Even people of those sections will have distinct inheritance. Your brain will divide people in your home area based on those sections. For example, if there are many people near your house, your brain will divide those people based on those sections. Your brain will be like oh that guy is from section A and another from section B. It is super important that you maintain a positive relation with all people coming from these sections because if you are stuck in a section far away from home in a dream, they will be the ones to help you.

D) Google maps: This is a new type of inheritance because people didn’t have google maps back then. It is based on the icons that pop up when the map is loading, it creates spaces inside your brain. Think about it, if you see a icon of a bank in google map, it will give you that “Bank” vibe which is basically what I am calling “Places inheritance” . And again, the icons that pop up first also depend on inheritance. It also depends on where your mind is parked.

II)Events inheritance: These are the inheritances that donot come from physical places, but from events that are stored in your mind. Remember, everything is about that “vibe”. Suppose you are at a friend’s birthday party. You may have been in many birthday parties before. So in order to make you feel comfortable, your mind starts to connect dots by making you feel like you have been there before. This is what I call events inheritance. There are many events inheritances that are pretty straightforward such as going to GYM, Swimming, going shopping, cooking, drinking alcohol, watching sports, playing football, playing other sports. Success and failure in sports has a major part in this inheritance. Since everything depends on territory, scoring goals and overall success in the game depends on this inheritance because this is also a form of territory inside your mind, the difference is just that it doesn’t have physical existence. So next time you go out in a ground to play football, try to check the inheritances that occured because they have a major impact in the game. You cannot just bump into someone else’s territory and expect to have possession of ball or a to score a goal. Most of the times, these grounds are all the grounds you have even set foot on. The change between these grounds depends on events that occur in the game that grab your attention. Another interesting event inheritance is “TV shows”. While watching TV, there are hundreds of events happening in it and they are also important because they have a major role in shaping us and our dream world. The vibes are stored here in the logo of the TV channel you are watching. One simple way of checking it is by searching the logo of any tv channel you like and close your eyes and “feel it”.

III)People inheritance: There are hundreds of people you see everyday but why do you think you see only a few of them in your dreams? This is because of “People inheritance”. Your mind doesn’t want to include new people in your circle. So, whenever you come across new people, it tries to fool you by making you think that you already know that person. so just like above, it tries to connect dots(egos in this case). You won’t care about who and how the dot is connected but deep inside your mind, subconsciously you recognize that person. So it’s the department of higher ego. You can think of each ego as a pack of wolves. So you need to be careful about which pack of wolves you wanna deal with. Following are some of the types of “People inheritance”:

A) Friends circle: There is a distinct ego that gets stored in your brain as a “friend” figure. These egos will also be the ones hovering above you. You will easily recognize them and will mostly feel comfortable being around them. So whenever you become friends with someone, it takes time but inheritance will occur and you will feel like you have known him forever.

B) Directional Section People inheritance: I have already explained about this inheritance clearly in number ‘C’ in Place inheritance, please read that point once again. The main thing is that your brain will perceive people from different directions as similar.

C) Shirt color (Teams Jersey): This inheritance occurs heavily while watching Sports in TV. Because of having same shirt, our brain stores the “people” or players in this case as a distinct ego. Just like I said, it’s like a pack of wolves and each shirt represents a different pack. Pack of wolves, thats how the dots are connected.

D) Flags: There is also a distinct ego stored in a country’s flag. Most of the times, while watching news, you associate the people (for example presidents, players etc.) with the flag of that country. So whenever you see that flag again, inheritance occurs and those egos will appear in front of you. Flag inheritance depends on color combination inheritance which I’ll explain in the next point.

E) Color Combination: Each color has a certain type of ego stored in it. Each color combination also has a certain ego stored in it. For example, France and Russia have flag with same color combination (Red-Blue-White) so the dots are connected and ego coming from french flag might appear in ego coming from russian flag.

F) Spirit Animal: This is a powerful inheritance, because its not just external appearance but also what’s inside a person. From far away, you wouldn’t recognize a person from another person with this type of inheritance. “Spirit animal” means what animal a person looks like. Most of the people look like cats if you concentrate more. So if you see another person looking like a cat, the dots are connected and inheritance occurs. If awareness in etheric world increases, you will notice that most people will look like cats or dogs or goats. That’s when you will find out that we are nothing more than wild animals hiding in a human form.

You guys may have been tired of hearing “inside your mind” too many times but trust me, that’s the only thing that matters in this higher spiritual (etheric) world. That’s the key of your safety, opportunities, happiness, success etc., almost anything you can imagine and you will understand how important it is once you lose hold of this physical world and turn inward.

2) World politics and spiritual(third) world: You guys might be wondering if there is this world above where nothing can be hidden, then how do governments around the world operate? This was also my curiosity. And the answer is, just like physical world, this world is also there and interpenetrates us. Only extension is that they can read minds and nothing can be hidden and information flows fast. So, just like the president of US manages physical world, the same spirit also manages that “third world” (Spiritual world) , only difference is that the physical one doesn’t know the presence of the spiritual one and the spiritual one knows the physical one and has to deal accordingly. I think the work of that spiritual one is 10 times bigger than the physical one.

They have to fight evil so that people will be protected and another big work for them is to make sure people don’t see aliens, frairies and other etheric beings because it would create a huge task of explaining it which is completely unnecessary if you can simply hide it from them. I think that’s the reason why “The Illuminati” is given the title of “People who rule the world” because they are aware in both the physical and spiritual world and on top of that they come from a group of “rulers and elites” from past. And what do you think about spys? I think they are trained in such a way that they don’t even know who they are.

3) Upper and lower personalities: These spirits can easily operate or manifest through people. So at one time there is always a spirit occupying the upper part of the world(etheric) and once again “which spirit” depends on territory(place where your mind is parked). And imagine this spirit like sitting in a control room inside your brain, making you do things, making you think things which you wouldn’t even suspect was coming from the outside. To learn more about it watch movie Inside out. This spirit occupying will be changing all the time based on the territory where the seer is at(Where the mind is parked at).

4) Knowledge of “people who know it”: Since both higher and lower world interpenetrates in everyone, people wouldn’t know if the person is aware in higher world or not because there are higher ones in all of us. Only after spending some time with you they will know that we are aware in higher world by seeing out acts. So, your friends will be the ones to know it first.

5) Gurus and third world : They say a teacher is ready when a student is ready. This is very true once you start your journey in this spiritual world. So imagine there are spirits hovering above and they are completely able to manifest through people near you. They know you are aware of spiritual world above. What will childish spirits do? They will play tricks on you. They will try to create illusion. What will spirits that are like teachers to you do? They will try to show things that you were not able to perceive. They will try to expand your consciousness. They will show up as other people and trust me, you will easily recognize your “teacher”. The teacher will already be teaching you in a covert way be it in astral world or that “third” world.

6) Voice inside your head (Voice blending): It is the spirits hovering above you able to make their voice heard in your ears. First thing is that if you think there are no spirits hovering above, you’ll not hear their sound. These spirits are mostly like children, they talk alot. If you can tune properly just like a radio, you can hear them. They talk about what you are doing, where you have parked your “mind” at and what thoughts you are thinking. Remember, they will have track of everything about you and they can sense if you are angry or sad. Nowadays because of electronic gadgets, it has become very easy for them to make their voice heard. Most of the times, they don’t need to talk because they communicate through “Feelings and Sensations”. But there also exist talkative spirits that like to talk all the time or more like communicate with others all the time. Once again, we need to be in tune to hear those voices. They cannot make vibrations in “physical air” directly. So they have to use the power of object like distant vehicles, Humming of your Fridge, Fan, AC, TV etc. You can even hear it in thunder. That’s how the tune their speech. I call this phenomenon “Voice blending”. And it’s not even complete speech, its more like a dog barking. They don’t say “My name is this, I come from here”. They only use 1 or 2 words. So instead they might say: “Go”, “Here !!”, “Go away !!”, “No”, “Yes”. Another way of blending is while the physical ego is talking. The physical ego might be talking about one thing and the spiritual one might use that sound energy to communicate about another completely different topic. This will happen to you alot once you start hearing sounds. You might notice them talking every now and then. And what will they be talking about? They will be talking about you, Yes you. That’s why it will get annoying with time. And once again who is talking depends on who are hovering above you which depends on the “territory” or “where your mind is parked”.

7) Reflecting personality: There is a mirror inside you that reflects your personality. The personality will be what you have gathered as your “true self” mostly through photographs and looking into physical mirrors. And this is not temporary, as time passes you gather new personalities and you have to flow with the tide. And also with the “emotion” that personality changes.
It is important to keep your personality same because with new personality, comes new spirits and new set of problems. This is what “be yourself” means. Most of the problems arise from not being properly able to manage this “personality”.

8)Ecosystem and Success: Ecosystem is the collection of life forms around you. Every place has an ecosystem, your school, your neighborhood, every places. For example, if you get bullied by a fat kid in school, he’s on top than you in the pyramid and similarly, that kid might have another kid above him. Such collection of life forms in a certain place in a given time is what I call “Ecosystem”. So, in order to make things right, you really need to focus on that ecosystem and see what might be trying to pull you down. I like to call this phenomenon paradigm shift. Mostly, your core desires are not fulfilled because of resistance produced by this “Ecosystem”. So, Paradigm shift is very necessary.

9) We’re just puppets of planets: This is what astrologers were hiding from you or maybe they felt hard to teach you because you wouldn’t listen. You are completely controlled by planets, there is no other way. But how you are controlled and by which planet and in which field depends completely on one thing: Time and date of your birth and location of your birth. And there are thousands of permutations and combinations because of complex structure of zodiac signs, planetary aspects, exaltation and debilitation, retrograde etc. I think one can learn psychology more by learning astrology than by learning core psychology. One can easily unlock the secrets of spirituality and why we are here just by learning astrology.
(Click here to learn about examples of planetary effects in astrology.)

10) Witches and spirits above: This is one of the funniest thing I have noticed. How do Witches get caught? I think witches (mostly beginners) don’t know about the spirits hovering above and go about doing wicked stuff. Later when these spirits have had seen enough, they go out and pound the alarm. So, there is god watching over us.

11) Cars and spirits: Cars should also be thought of as “living entities”. They are spirits manifesting themselves based on the ego which rules that “territory” inside your mind. Sometimes they are benific and sometimes they are malefic. If you can develop awareness, you will see them either smiling or making angry face or sometimes they are phlegmatic depending on “Law of attraction” which means you only attract what you have inside of you at the moment.

12) Books link : First read “astral plane” and then go through “thoughts” articles. You will find why your thoughts are so important. Once again, make a target of about 10 years, you won’t understand it in a single month or even year, it takes time to grasp because you need to implement it in your real life, you can’t just understand it by reading. Here is the collection of Anandgholap books: “https://www.anandgholap.net/”

13) Photographs and spiritual world: Have you ever wondered why you look different in each photo? This has something to do with the spirit governing the photo. Whenever you see a photo of someone for the first time, the snapshot of the spirit who is there is taken. Who will this spirit be? Once again, it is based on the territory and where the mind is parked. Each time you see the photo, you will see the same spirit or it’s changed form. Sometimes, the spirit governing the photo can be entirely different from the real person whose photo it is. Overtime, we usually forget those spirits and that’s why it can also change. Therefore, don’t be over happy by seeing your beautiful photo, it can be a photo of completely different spirit from you. Anyways, you can talk with the photo because it will always be listening.

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