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I write blogs about football, cricket, music and spirituality.

Being a liverpool fan, I like to write about games to let you guys know what really happens behind the scenes. I also watch cricket and am involved in spirituality. I like to do yoga. I also rap and like to talk about rap music. I will post about the artists and popular music of our and past generations. Scroll down to see my posts.

Liverpool FC

These are my favourites at Liverpool currently. These players have taken us to the premier league glory in season 19/20.

What is the illuminati?

In short, it is just a secret society which runs the world. But because of the amount of fucks given by American and European demons, it has become the symbol for demons and conspiracy theorists. When people in US try to think about other dimensions, demons try to confuse them poor folks by showing them videos about Illuminati. So, illuminati is just a tool of "Mind fuck" used by those demons. Who are these demons, you might ask? They are just demons and can manifest from people around you and it's not like in the movies, it is subtle and you won't notice it. Unfortunately, thats how it works.

How to avoid nightmares?

There are simple tricks on how to identify what is causing you trouble while sleeping. There are simple rules and most of the time, you get nightmares if you break those rules. Click here to find out.

How to play football?

Read this blog to find out what suggestions I would give to football players and kids who want to be a footballer.

Music fire inside me

Read this blog to understand why these "music spirits" follow me to make music. We have already made many hit songs. This blog requires understanding of spiritual world first.

Higher spiritual world which surrounds us all.

There are spirits hovering you right now and you can't see them but they have significant impact on your life. Read to learn more.

Why Liverpool and team India?

I’ve been supporting team india since 2009 although I’m from Nepal. I also started supporting Liverpool from 2011. Back then, one of my friends was a big supporter and he made me support liverpool as well.

Watching cricket is an awesome experience although it takes more time to finish.

Why spirituality?

The world is a crazy place full of illusions. What you see isn’t real and what is real isn’t visible. Because of the advancement of modern technology and advancement in physics, we tend to think the physical world is only real and we don’t try to think outside th e box. However, the truth is that other worlds also interpenetrate the physical world which works by the laws of “Thoughts”. So, positive thinking is the key. Heaven, hell, rebirth, demons, gods are all real, they just don’t give a shit about physical world because we are sent here because of our aggregate karmas.


I am not going to explain about the skills you need to develop in the field, rather I’m going to explain about the “sixth sense” you need to develop to be a successful footballer. One term I would like to mention is “territory” like with dogs. Okay just like our physical bodyhas to be in …


List of my Friends.

I know you guys wanna know about my friends, especially in events such as football and cricket matches where someone shows up out of nowhere. My friends circle is huge. I wanna give you guys a list of all my friends. My friends mainly come from these locations: Vijaya samudiayik block A, Vijaya Samudiayik block …

List of my Friends. Read More »